The For Pawz program consists of evaluating the dog, the owner and the animal’s environment. Being a pet owner is a big responsibility and when a pet owner realizes this and is ready to invest the mindset and time, the owners’ dedication to that animal will pay off by having a pet that respects, trusts and loves you and becomes a good citizen.

From my experience, when these three factors are in place, you can create a positive relationship where your dog will be happy to follow your lead through firm and fair guidance, in a calm and pleasurable mindset. Dogs by nature are social beings. By understanding their individual personalities and breeds, it will help us realize what that particular individual personality needs to be best guided.

Dogs need interaction through exercise and social stimulation and need to see the world around them to become stable and confident. They cannot be neglected and cooped up in a house or a small area. This can create issues in some dogs that could dictate anti-social behavior, which could possibly lead to problems and conflict in the dog’s mind. This can be avoided or combated by involving the owners and their dogs in a positive program, such as “For Pawz.” So please make the commitment to your dog and create an admirable citizen.

Steve D.

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