Hello everyone my name is Darla,
I am a baby Rottie and love to chew on everything including my parents.
With the help of Steve and Sato at 4 months old I can now sit, stay, lay down, fetch and not chew on my parents anymore, this makes them very happy.
I am an Alpha dog which makes me little stubborn and very dominant that is why we needed Steve to show us the chain of command in the house. I now have the direction and discipline to make me a well balanced puppy. Steve and Sato are great I know they can help you too.
Hugs and licks,

Two Cuties


After using several dog trainers with little or no success, our two small dogs were still very unruly. We found Steve through a friend who highly recommended him, and had great success with her dogs. Steve was able to teach us with his no nonsense approach how to take back control of our house. No other trainer was able to solve our dog’s behavioral problems so effortlessly. Steve made us realize that we had the power all along to change what needed to be changed. In a matter of minutes Steve had our dogs under control. Much to our amazement, our dogs were now behaving like two angels! From day one, Steve never punched a clock with us and explained everything he did. Steve is very flexible and generous with his time. He will always make time to correct or reinforce your training. Steve will instill his confidence in you and make you a better pet owner. If you love your pets and need help, we recommend you give Steve a call. You will be amazed and proud of your well behaved pets. Thank you Steve.

Cathy and Vic



When I first contacted Steve, Pepper was an out of control 10 month old puppy. I needed help with training so Pepper could become a member of our family instead of the burden she was. Steve's work with Pepper has been amazing. From the first day, she responded positively to him. His techniques not only work but Pepper seems to enjoy the training sessions. Our family has seen a drastic improvement in Pepper's behavior. Our friends and neighbors have all commented on the difference. She has become the family pet we were hoping for when we brought her home.
Even more impressive than Steve's training is his professionalism. He treats every member of my family with respect. He incorporates the special needs of our home into his training methods. All of the children (ages 3 through 7) have been able to participate. Steve is very creative and flexible with ideas for our individual situation.
Steve is a pleasure to work with and is a true gentleman. I would recommend him to anyone... and I do!

Mary-Frances Hearne



I was beginning to feel very inadequate when after a few months I still had very little control over my Papillon Boo-Too.  He was very active and mischievous and disobedient.  I sometimes lost my patience and temper with him.  I knew this was wrong but couldn't seem to change it.  I finally asked the woman in the pet store where I buy food etc. for the dog if she knew a professional trainer and she gave me Steve DiTullio's number. A few weeks later Steve and Boo-Too and I had a training session.  I can not have been happier with the results.  Steve showed me so many ways to change the way I handled the dog.  Some were so simple, but they made an enormous difference in the way the dog (and I) behaved. Steve really has a tremendous knowledge of dog behavior.  He also exhibited extraordinary patience with me and pointed out the things I had to correct in order to connect properly with my puppy.  Boo-Too and I are well on our way to having a proper relationship.  Thank you Steve for your help, knowledge, and patience.
Elinor Prager



Dear Steve,
Thank you for your time and patience. I found you to be very easy going, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
Ever since that afternoon we worked together with my English bulldog Paulie, I have since learned that I am the problem and have to be trained with Paulie.

I could never take Paulie out walking without feeling anxiety. When I saw you walk him the first time, I could not believe how in control he was, and then when my husband walk him again very controlled, Then I walked him and it was a joke. I had no control. Well after several hours and sessions, I am proud to say that we can take Paulie out on walks. He walks right by our side and responds well to all the techniques that you have shown us.
Watching you work is amazing, how you immediately got control of a stubborn bull shows me that any breed can be trained at any age.
I also might mention not only have you trained my dogs and their behavior problems you have also trained me.
I recommend all my grooming and boarding clients to you ☺Lots of LicksCathy & Paulie
Jo-Mar Grooming & Boarding



Dear Steve,

Hi my name is Tyson and I am a 5-month-old Rottie. I met Steve when I was just 12 weeks old. Steve taught me how to become structured, following his training program. With the help of Steve and Sato I am growing into a well-balanced obedient dog. Steve has taught me through exercise and social stimulation. I can become stable and confident member of my family. I recommend that all dogs get involved in such a positive program like
“ For Pawz “ and become the best dog that you can be. I will forever be grateful for my buddies Steve and Sato.

Your Buddy,


We are the Lisojo family and are the owners of Tyson. We have been working with Steve for a couple of weeks now. We are very grateful for the guidance and stability Steve has brought into our home. We take Steve’s methods and use them to help our dogs. You have great patience and you give us the confidence to be better people towards our animals. You are not only a wonderful trainer but you have become a wonderful friend as well.

Thank you for everything,

Tyson’s family



Dear Steve,
This is a long overdue thank you!! You have changed the life in my home for my family and more importantly, my Ginger. I must admit, I tried the home training books and online information thinking I could do it on my own. My normal method has been “lure training” with treats and/or toys, neither of these methods seemed to work for very long, even walking her on a leash was a scary task for me. Training my Ginger, a high energy, large and unruly dog is alot of work but what I didn't know was that I needed training myself and I cannot thank you enough for showing me what I needed to know and for the extra time and effort you gave us.OMG....after the first lesson with you, Ginger was already easier to deal with and we saw huge improvements with her confidence and attitude. After our second lesson, she no longer jumps on guests in our home, she walks by my side at a steady pace and focused. The transformation was amazing and she seems 100% happier and at a time when she never used to be a welcomed guest when I would go to my parent’s or friend’s house, now, Ginger gets invited and I can tag along! It is just life altering. I get stopped often by people in the neighborhood asking how I got my dog to be so respectful and mindful! (they knew she was a very hyperenergetic dog). I brag and show Ginger off all the time, and just couldn’t be happier. She even holds her head high!Thank you Steve for your time, patience, understanding and for encouraging me that Ginger could be a great dog with a little work! I never would have believed it. You are a saviour!Eternally grateful-
-Maria C.



When I first rescued my dog Harley, I thought I had a good handle on him. Well, a year and a half later after he walked all over me, and developed quite a bit of unacceptable habits, a friend gave me Steve’s number. We worked for about 10 weeks, sometimes 3 times a week. Steve developed a program using a wide variety of tools such as a slip as well as a pinch collars and food motivation. Some of the issues we had were attacking the mail and the front door, then redirecting and taking his anxiety out on the door mat.

Taking Harley for a walk was more like flying an 80 pound kite. You would just hold on for dear life. By using different tools, commands, and techniques, we were able to curb his pulling, as well as his barking frenzies towards other dogs and small animals.

Harley had also been through a lot and did not trust anybody. This was a tremendous social drawback as new people were a threat to him. He couldn’t help but test Steve by giving him a nip or two. After Steve showed me how to correct him, he stressed on how it was so important to desensitize him from not trusting people. To do this, we acclimated Harley to two types of muzzles, and I started to bring him everywhere there were people - we started at pet friendly pet stores, and then moved our way up to parks, then train stations, and eventually on to the platform with trains passing, with no problems.

It’s now about 2 years later, and Harley and I have come a long way. One of the biggest things I learned from Steve is there is no quick fix but rather it’s the change in a person that changes a dog’s behavior. I still follow Steve’s program to this day. With the progress we have made, currently I am working on running Harley off leash, with Steve’s guidance on using a remote trainer, to set the dog’s boundaries, when he is off lead. It is working well. I am also flattered that Steve has occasionally asked me to assist him in handling and training a few of his involved cases, as well as bring Harley as a tool to help him in socializing other dogs he is training.
Steve’s methods really work – applying his techniques in a clear, calm and firm manner absolutely will bring results in a very short period of time! Harley is living proof, and working his way towards the poster dog status.
Thanks from John & Family

Bentley & Buzzy


Thank you so much for all the time you dedicated to our two homeless dogs at our professional veterinary care facility. Without your training expertise and guidance, it would have been extremely difficult to find such great homes for our two pit bulls Bently and Buzzy.


Your persistence and volunteer time has really paid off well, and because of you Bently and Buzzy have been given a second chance in their new homes. I also wanted to thank you Steve for personally helping my husband and I with our own 11th month old pit bull Rhino, who has some challenging issues to work at. You have given us the tools to effectively train our dog and in time we will live in harmony with our new addition. You have proven to us that there is an inner puppy in even the toughest of dog breeds and personalities. Sincerely, Anita Feniello